Work Placements in London _

My first term this year was slightly interrupted by a couple of work placements I did in London. The first was a week at Topman Creative that I won last year in a competition set by Gill, one of the members of the graphic design team. The second was at an agency in Hoxton called Realise Creative. I met James; the boss at Realise when he came up as part of the Phil Thomas foundation, a scheme where design students can be sponsored as a way of supporting them through their final year and beyond. After showing him my portfolio, he offered me and another student a placement at his studio.

Overall, the three weeks were a really interesting experience and I was involved in some exciting projects. Although work experience isn't fantastic in terms of the depth of projects that you get involved in -especially in relation to a university project - but it is a great way of understanding what the 'real world' looks like. Rather than just add the work I was involved in to my portfolio for assessment, I thought it might be more interesting to create some sort of response.

I collated all the work I was involved in and put it into a folded up A1 poster that could tell the story of my three weeks in London. Since work placements are great additions to the journal, I thought I'd add snippets of that to it too. 

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