D&AD North Poster Entry

Here's my poster entry for the D&AD North lecture soon to be held in Leeds. It features GBH who have come up with a raffle based Q&A session where audience members will be able to win artifacts from past GBH design projects. 


Weekend Project _

We were asked to choose from a selection of well known pieces of design and, as a way of getting used to working on indesign again, recreate it. Rather than just copying something completely, I decided to use the original image as inspiration for a new piece. I took this image:

And created this poster. With thanks to an insightful quote from good old Don.

Alphabet Book_

I went to The Manchester Print Fair and bought this Animal Alphabet book from Lottie Pencheon. Lino printed and coptic stitched. Niice


To Do_Summer Project

Our summer project consisted of observing ourselves in macro detail. We were supposed to collect a large amount of information about ourselves daily that we could then collate and present in an interesting way. I decided to collect the information through 'To Do' lists. These lists are something that everyone does from time to time as a way of organizing their lives. I'm a keen list writer and it seemed the perfect way of recording what I was doing during the summer.

My lists were supposed to be written on any piece of scrap paper that I could find, just like they would be normally. As a way of storing the lists once I had written them, I made a notebook.

I went through the recording process for 24 days, by that time I had a number of lists featuring all sorts of tasks, some of which I completed, some I repeated and others that I avoided. I went through each list and took down as many statistics about them as I could. I then organized this information into a series of posters.
As a final part to the project, we had to create a teaser poster that could direct viewers towards our body of work.

Overall the project feels like a good way to get back into Graphic Design after a pretty relaxed summer. Ready to get started again, now that I'm a Third Year...