Another project I've been working on was CAMPUS. This involved creating work to be used during The Manchester Modernist Society's 'artist not in residence' event at UMIST in Manchester. The intention of the event was to celebrate the history and the modernist architecture of the campus as it continues to be under threat from the council.

Working with Lisa Barlow, we created a fold out map that was given to every one who attended the event. We also designed plaques that were planted in front of a selection of the buildings to commemorate their modernist status. Finally, we created concrete UMIST badges that - had they been finished in time - would have been given to people to celebrate the day...

Other features of the day were the handing out of Modernist degrees to those involved in the society in some way and the tying up of 'Attention Modernist!' crime scene tape, both designed by Jonathan Hitchen.

More imagery can be found on my site here.

A huge thank you to Jack and Maureen (The Modernists) for offering us the chance to be involved in this and also to Sue Platt and Jonathan Hitchen for helping us with funding and printing of the maps!

The World of Tomorrow _

Over the past few weeks, I've been pretty busy with degree shows, moving house, graduating etc. I've also had the pleasure of working with Malcolm Garrett on the World of Tomorrow exhibition that's been running for the past 2 weeks in the Holden Gallery, Manchester. I worked alongside Jonathan Buschenfeld and we were tasked with designing the captions for the work as well as helping to design the vinyl.

The exhibition featured examples of Malcolm's collection of childhood memorabilia that he has generously donated to MMU's Special Collections library. There were countless James Bond novels and Gerry Anderson TV annuals, not to mention an enormous collection of New York World's Fair items and 10 original Marilyn's by Andy Warhol. Alongside this sat some of Malcolm's own work and the intention of the exhibit was for the audience to spot influences that Malcolm may or may not have sub-consciously picked up on as he grew up.