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As an application for my 'Angst' typeface I created a while back, I decided to create a type foundry that would celebrate all the great typography based work that my course had designed. The name of the foundry is Intro Type - as third years I thought that introducing ourselves to the world seemed apt - and it primarily takes the form of a blog. However, as a way of promoting the foundry and to encourage the involvement of the year group, I created a publication.

The publication could be sold as a monthly magazine and each issue would feature a separate typeface designed by a student. That student could have creative control of the content of that issue. For my Angst issue, I created 2 limited edition posters, a dvd with the typeface file ready to use and a 'making of' film and finally a small book explaining the thought process that went into the creation of the typeface.

I am hopefully going to get another student to take part in this project by creating issue 2 of the Intro Type publication. Apart from it needing to have similar dimensions to issue 1, the content could be completely different. It will be exciting to see what might come out of it.

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