Editorial _

Designing the newest issue of Flux magazine. We were given the names of the people featured in the issue, but apart from that, we had free reign. I themed my version around the saying 'Meet Your Maker' since each subject featured had in some way or another bought something new to their profession. 

These are a few photos of the magazine I made to display my spreads.

This is the last project of our second year. It's a shame that I won't be doing Uni work for a while now, but I've got some exciting stuff in the pipeline over the summer to look forward to...


Any opportunity _

It seems that whenever I get the chance, I really like to make a book. So I felt obliged to make my journal into a book, it also helps that I'm not a huge fan of the standard ring bound option... The binding I did for this was a Coptic stitch. I've done a few of these now but I think this is the most successful so far.

We're told not to 'over design' our journals since the content is of most importance. Perhaps foil blocking the front is maybe a bit too much, but hopefully I've managed to strike some sort of balance between design and content.

Fluorescents _

So I saw OWT's new zine today which looked awesome. I think it may have been because the front cover was bright orange. I've developed an unhealthy obsession with fluorescent and can't wait to use it on some stuff I've got planned to do once I've handed in my stuff for assessment... 

Another amazing use of fluorescent I found was on these great business cards. Obviously the nice illustration and the pressed detail are the best bit, but that hot pink edging sets the whole thing off incredibly. I cannot wait to start finding places to get this sort of thing done as well as excuses to do it.