ISTD Competition Brief - Tweet Tweet

Off the Pitch, healthier than a half time orange.

The Tweet Tweet brief asked for you to explore the 'unique lexicon of language' involved in social networking and to create a network of participants. I chose to look at the way Premier League footballers interact with Twitter. It seems strange that despite their high profile, footballers continue to cause controversy on the site. A day doesn't seem to go by without another story about someone apologising for a lewd comment. With this in mind, I created a handbook for the 'Twits wot Tweet' in order to get them to improve their networking skills. I focussed on the wealth of clich├ęs in football to create a set of rules that had to be interacted with to learn. This children's book theme seemed the best way to keep the footballer's engaged. 

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  1. I love this. Maybe pitching a little old for the average footballer!