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     This guy just blew me away. I can't actually comprehend how he works this out... Incredible scenes!


KesselsKramer _

     I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I'm just about coming to the end of another project. This one is based on a D&AD North poster brief. Set by Erik Kessels who will be lecturing in Manchester soon, the project was simply this: "It always rains in your country, make a poster for visitors of the UK explaining why so much rain is attractive." My answer was in relation to how our weather can be quite unpredictable - you might wake up to bright sunshine in the morning, but it could be pouring it down by lunch - with that in mind, I created an 'Emergency Poster' that could be pulled down and folded into a hat in the event of a sudden shower. The spontaneity of our weather adds a sense of adventure, but now it can be enjoyed in dry stylishness.

     Once I'd finished the poster, I couldn't resist getting some photos of it in action. Thankfully I had a couple of watering cans and some keen(ish) volunteers at hand. The photos work really well as gifs too. I now intend on using the Emergency Poster as an icon for a 'Make it Rain' day where the public will wear the hat in an attempt to stop the drought and avoid a hose pipe ban. Watch this space...