Roses Competition Brief - Sprout Clout

Roses asked to 'Make sprouts the coolest veg on the planet, and to sell sack loads all year around'. It seems that the main problem with sprouts is the stigma attached to them. For most people they think of the smell of farts. Because of this, I decided that the best approach would be to change the image of sprouts all together. By stripping the leaves off the sprouts, I created a new product that could have a similar impact as changing the name of a chinese gooseberry to kiwi fruit had, or how spinach leaves have become so popular as a salad leaf. The fact that there are recipes for both cooked and raw sprout leaves make this product believable. However, most importantly, by removing the core of the sprout, much of the bitterness that so many people dislike is removed too. I still wanted to keep the sense of humour that has evolved with the sprout, so I tried to keep the message sophisticated, but not too formal.


As a packaging solution, sophistication was key. I wanted the Brassicca Leaves to stand out above the rest of the leaf based products so I kept it bold and simple. I created two packaging solutions. One for the sprout lover who wouldn't need too much convincing and would buy a large amount of leaves. And then another for the sprout hater who may need a little bit of convincing. This packaging was far smaller and was more of a 'taster'. I'd imagine that the price range would be similar to that of the rocket leaf as if priced too highly, people would perhaps prefer to peel the sprouts themselves. I thought it was crucial to show the leaves in the packaging as I didn't want to shy away from the fact that they came for sprouts. It also enabled the consumer to understand what Brassicca Leaves were.

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