Oh Yeah

Landed a Topman placement in London

So that's alright


Matt Jones Architects _

I'm a massive fan of these business cards by Departures. I love the shiny foil blocking and the macro use of letterform, not to mention the stock. Not sure if the richness of the green on the business cards matches the lime green on the rest of the stationary, but still!


A Typical Conversation _

"How's college?"

"Good thanks"

"What is it that you're studying?"

"Graphic Design"

"Graphic Design? What's that? Drawing?"

"Not really, it's kind of a lot of things, typography, layout, branding, advertising you know, that sort of stuff"

"So, computers...?"

Yeah. Why not.



Specification, Book Covers _

Designs for a series of books called Futureshock. The books included were Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty Four, Fahrenheit 451 and A Clockwork Orange.

The dust jackets are designed to be simple and straight forward. The barcode on the front can be scanned in store, but also by an iPhone in order for the consumer to have an on-screen version of the books.

The inner covers are more expressive and are supposed to be hidden by the dust jackets. This was supposed to mirror the feel of oppression apparent in all of these dystopian novels.

Although these are only PDF's, the intention is to screen print onto cloth with the brighter colour of the covers being printed in fluorescents. To attract a bit of attention to the inner covers, limited edition prints could be given away with the box set of the books.