A collaborative project between myself, Jan Agulto, Leona Bell, Jonathan Buschenfeld & Bekki Guyatt.

We had to interpret the quote; "Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that he sometimes has to eat them" and then apply it to one of a selection of filters. The filters included an Ikea instruction manual, an Advent Calendar, the Pantone Colour System among many others. The filter we chose was the Recorders exhibition which is on at the Manchester Art gallery. What we took from the filter was the high level of interactivity.

With that in mind, we found occasions in history where people have had to eat their words. We created mechanisms that disguised the quote and was then revealed to the viewer as they interacted with the piece. Each mechanism was specific to the context of the quote.
We presented our work in a number of different ways, we had a film clip, a series of posters, and an accompanying booklet.

Here's the film:

the posters:

and the booklet:

We presented our work today to 5 judges, our tutors and the whole year group. Amazingly, we won, gaining an unbelievable score of 50.5 out of 50.

Ampersand-wich truly smashed it!


Ampersand-wich //

The world better watch out!


Disruption - Mapping //

We were asked to map a chosen song from a short list compiled by our tutors. The idea was that we'd map the song in a physical way, whether that be by breaking down the song and mapping its respective parts, or finding another way of doing it. The song I chose was White Horses, a TV theme tune from the 70's. After about a week of doing the project, I realised that I didn't particularly enjoy the song, so I decided to make that point the focus of my mapping. With that in mind, I created a timeline of the 32 days of the brief and a Grand National inspired "race course" that mapped my journey through the song.

I find that I don't enjoy image making as much as I enjoy layout so I compiled a series of information that I was then able to present on a sheet. The final artifact is printed on A1.

I had a bit of spare time before the deadline after I'd printed this so I spent the next few days making an 'OS' inspired fold out map.



Got my hands on a David Crow publication yesterday. It's so beautiful, these scans do it no justice. It's a fluorescent orange with gold leaf stamped in the title. Inside's just as well designed. It's well good.


Today we had to re-design a crappy leaflet. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my leaflet t uni, so can't scan it in to show. However, this is my version:

I'm pretty pleased with it considering I spent the majority of my time during the session dicking around...

Had a pretty good chat with my tutor about needing to leave my comfort zone a bit. I suppose I'm getting quite good at designing in my own style so it would definitely be a good thing to try something new. She wants me to go bold, so the next brief I get, I'm making a concerted effort to avoid the use of light fonts and simple colours!

This website is the perfect start:


This sort of design never really crosses my mind but it should, it's bold, yet still simple.


Group Project Continued //

Here's the fold-out my group and I made as an end product for our 1 day project.


Competition entrant //

I'm entering a poster based competition through my University about the amount of paper MMU used in the 2008/09 academic year. They apparently used the equivalent of 10,000 trees worth of paper. If you win, you get £200 worth of vouchers. Perhaps I'll win...








1) I'm going to post something new everyday on this blog.

2) I'm going to do something else in my life every now and then that doesn't have anything to do with design.

3) I'm going to start running again too


We were given some body copy about an Exhibition from last year and had 2 and a half hours to design a poster. Again, we were restricted to just the use of Helvetica. The idea of the brief was to get us used to using badly written copy from clients and to improve our hierarchical choices.


Disruption Group Project 26.10.10 //

To kick start the new Mapping project, we had a day working in groups where we had to map a particular series of information based on the songs that form the new brief. Each ring represents a tutor and the coloured lines represent the songs and the choice of a member of our group, the length of the line reflects which tutor was picked for that song. Hopefully the key is good enough that all of that makes sense without a description...

We are intending to make a map/book from the imagery we created so keep a look out for that, it's gunna be good


Restriction //

Spread 1 //

Spread 2 //

Spread 3 //

Spread 4 //

For the Restriction project we were given a list of words to choose from, I chose Forgotten. We had to explore the chosen word and create 4 double page spreads each with very specific restrictions. The first spread was an exploration, the second had to have 10 words in it, the third 50 and the fourth 500. You were also only allowed to use font from the original Helvetica type family.

Taking the word Forgotten, I researched the way that people are able to retain specific information, which led me to looking at how people can remember countless amounts of digits of Pi. I found out that Mnemonics play a large part so I took 500 decimals of Pi and got 20 people to make a 25 word sentence using a sequence from the number Pi. This then formed the 500 words in the final spread. The previous 3 spreads are intended to create a journey for the viewer that eventually leads them to the final 500 word spread. This includes information about mnemonics as well as information about the current world record holder in Pi decimal memorization; Lu Chao...

The intention was to have a circle laser cut out of the middle of each page so that there was a big hole running all the way through the spreads. However time restraints meant I couldn't do this to a full size version of the magazine, so instead I just made an A5 mock Up:


You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on //

Double page spread experimentation based on the word Forgotten


Travel Journal //

This is a Travel Journal I made for my cousin before the summer, It's a concertina book bind with separate books stitched in. Grace was going inter-railing across Europe, I have no idea whether the book's still intact...

These photo's are rubbish


A is not for Apple //

My summer project was based on our summer experiences, I decided to base mine on a particular part of my job where I had to prick wheat out of air-duct holes...


Mad shit //


I like the beard at the end

Birthday surprise //

I got a new book on how to make books, I've already bought my bookmakers Awl... Get ready for some sweet books!


Why be a Twonk?

Illustration courtesy of Eliot Wyatt // http://eliotwyattillustration.blogspot.com/ // P.S I forgot you couldn't draw eyes!


Elephant In the Room Leaflet/Poster Concept

Finally some more work to show!

A Roses live brief from last year. We had to create some sort of campaign for the English Dictionary promoting the new words that get added to the dictionary. I chose Elephant (as in Elephant in the room)



I wanna be back yeah



At some point I need to do some work...