Disruption - Mapping //

We were asked to map a chosen song from a short list compiled by our tutors. The idea was that we'd map the song in a physical way, whether that be by breaking down the song and mapping its respective parts, or finding another way of doing it. The song I chose was White Horses, a TV theme tune from the 70's. After about a week of doing the project, I realised that I didn't particularly enjoy the song, so I decided to make that point the focus of my mapping. With that in mind, I created a timeline of the 32 days of the brief and a Grand National inspired "race course" that mapped my journey through the song.

I find that I don't enjoy image making as much as I enjoy layout so I compiled a series of information that I was then able to present on a sheet. The final artifact is printed on A1.

I had a bit of spare time before the deadline after I'd printed this so I spent the next few days making an 'OS' inspired fold out map.

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