A collaborative project between myself, Jan Agulto, Leona Bell, Jonathan Buschenfeld & Bekki Guyatt.

We had to interpret the quote; "Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that he sometimes has to eat them" and then apply it to one of a selection of filters. The filters included an Ikea instruction manual, an Advent Calendar, the Pantone Colour System among many others. The filter we chose was the Recorders exhibition which is on at the Manchester Art gallery. What we took from the filter was the high level of interactivity.

With that in mind, we found occasions in history where people have had to eat their words. We created mechanisms that disguised the quote and was then revealed to the viewer as they interacted with the piece. Each mechanism was specific to the context of the quote.
We presented our work in a number of different ways, we had a film clip, a series of posters, and an accompanying booklet.

Here's the film:

the posters:

and the booklet:

We presented our work today to 5 judges, our tutors and the whole year group. Amazingly, we won, gaining an unbelievable score of 50.5 out of 50.

Ampersand-wich truly smashed it!

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