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For the Restriction project we were given a list of words to choose from, I chose Forgotten. We had to explore the chosen word and create 4 double page spreads each with very specific restrictions. The first spread was an exploration, the second had to have 10 words in it, the third 50 and the fourth 500. You were also only allowed to use font from the original Helvetica type family.

Taking the word Forgotten, I researched the way that people are able to retain specific information, which led me to looking at how people can remember countless amounts of digits of Pi. I found out that Mnemonics play a large part so I took 500 decimals of Pi and got 20 people to make a 25 word sentence using a sequence from the number Pi. This then formed the 500 words in the final spread. The previous 3 spreads are intended to create a journey for the viewer that eventually leads them to the final 500 word spread. This includes information about mnemonics as well as information about the current world record holder in Pi decimal memorization; Lu Chao...

The intention was to have a circle laser cut out of the middle of each page so that there was a big hole running all the way through the spreads. However time restraints meant I couldn't do this to a full size version of the magazine, so instead I just made an A5 mock Up:

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