Me and You _

We recently completed another Ian Anderson project. After starting day one off by having to tell the group a joke, which was a hell of a lot scarier than I expected, we moved on to the actual project. Day one consisted of us being restricted to using Helvetica, an A2 format, black and white and just the words; 'Me and You'. We were tasked with creating a connection or relationship between the two words. Although most people went with the concept of them being the 'Me' and the outside world being the 'You', which created really interesting results, I went for a more 3rd person theme where I visualised a relationship between a 'Me' and a 'You'. The relationship being; 'You make me sad'. (It could equally be 'You make me happy', but it I particularly like how the word 'You' is all upside down...)

I was pretty pleased with this, but I think I was more pleased with the concept from day two. The second task involved using our ideas from the first day, but instead of using type, we could only use shapes and the standard colours; Red, Green, Blue and Yellow to represent our relationship. I went with a pretty standard idea of an eye shedding a tear, but, where I hadn't made the work from the first day relevant to myself, I felt this one was more relevant. 

I think that using shapes in an ambiguous way is pretty lazy design thinking, so to be forced into using them made me sad. The problem is, that I like the piece I've made, so I've contradicted my own opinion which is even more sad... 

However, the saddest thing really is that I didn't go with the idea below on the first day; The relationship between me and my pet Emu. Technically I didn't break the rules since I've used all the letters. Now to create a zoo of typeface animals...

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