Angst _

Been a bit slow coming and it's still a work in progress, but here's some of the visuals for my most recent Uni project entitled; 'Bang!'

After some experimentation centred around the word, I decided to create a typeface inspired by the small things in your day - such as a delayed train, or a traffic jam - that often lead to a big outburst of fury. As a metaphor for this, I created the typeface from a Chicken Cooking Timer... I completely took the timer apart and used the parts inside to create; Angst.

The second part of the project involved applying our experiments to something. I'm currently in the process of creating a publication that promotes the typeface and is also linked to a new blog devoted to the range of typefaces being created in the third year. 

As part of the promotion, I created this A1 poster design.

The rest of the work for this project will be finished soon, but for now I'm busying myself with 3 weeks away in London doing internships.

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