GBH Lecture and D&AD Poster Competition Result _

I travelled to Leeds yesterday to watch a D&AD Lecture from design agency GBH. I hadn't intended on going, but I'd been picked as a finalist for the poster competition so received a free ticket to the event, of course that meant I had to go, even if I had to travel alone...

In terms of the lecture, I'm so glad I made the effort to go as I was treated to a series of incredible pieces of work from a company who have worked on projects as diverse as Royal Mail stamps, to Virgin Galactic. One example that I particularly enjoyed was their work for SLS Luxury Hotels. The company wanted a regal, up market feel that matched the quality of the hotel. GBH, alongside Philippe Starck decided however that a mischievous touch would add to the over all effect. With that in mind, they created a quality brand identity but with a hint of mischief through the use of monkey's. One part of this were these monkey portraits that adorned the walls:

Like I said, the lecture itself was well worth the trip over to Leeds, but I was also there as a finalist of the poster competition. These were the top three. Unfortunately, apart from my own, I don't know the names of the people who created these posters:

After the lecture and the Raffle based Q&A, the winner was announced. I was very shocked to hear that it was me and to see my poster up on the big screen. As a prize, I received an A2 print of my poster to take home, and a year long D&AD New Creatives membership. So overall, a pretty good Wednesday evening. 


  1. Well done Nick! shame you couldn't take anyone with you! which poster was yours?

  2. Tanks! Mine's the one in the middle. The blue one