Apple Shampoo _

I've managed to spend the majority of my year, when at Uni, dicking around. Spent a lot of time making jokes and not doing any actual work, leaving it all until I get home. When the theme is Pokemon, however, it seems that all of a sudden, I take things seriously.

I worked on this album sleeve with my good friend Jonathan whose part of the band Apple Shampoo. The album's called Celadon City so, naturally, the only thing to do was to go to town on the Pokemon theme. The album's designed to look like a Poke-ball, opening the case becoming similar to releasing a Pokemon. (I'm trying to make this sound serious). We managed to design the album, create a packaging concept, and make 6 copies of the album in a day, which for us is proper hard work. I was actually pleased with how professional the final outcome looked all things considered.

I hope we don't get sued for using that image of Jigglypuff on the DVD cover, that would be terrible.

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